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Semi Aniline Clear

Price: $0.00
Code: SAC
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8 oz.$21.00
16 oz. (pint)$27.30
32 oz. (qt)$52.50
128 oz. (gal)$128.20
DESCRIPTION: A water-borne semi aniline clear base for semi-protected aniline leather.

FEATURES: Use as a basecoat or topcoat clear over semi-aniline leathers. Use the W-line of pigments for color matching.  White -  Black -  Blue -  Red - True Red - Red Oxide -Light Yellow - Yellow Oxide -Orange -  Green. SAC707 Chaparral for King Ranch available.

APPLICATION: Lightly sand leather to break topcoat. Add 3% #SL-7 crosslinker to color. Spray a light coat, allow to dry, check for look and feel of leather. Spray additional coats as needed.

ADDITIVES:  #SL-7 super crosslinker.