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VALUE ...  something we hear so often that it has essentially lost its meaning. But that is exactly what Classic Dye Products is all about. Early in 1980, we were founded based upon the principle of providing high quality products at value oriented prices. Since then we have expanded our capability but have not abandoned our philosophy.

What we instilled in our product offering back in 1980, which deliberately survives today, is a genuine pricing structure to quality ratio that is unequalled in the industry. This is a simple decision, not an economic necessity. The other half of the price/quality issue is, of course, the quality. 

Classic Dye Products Inc. pioneered the distribution of water-based dyes and water-bourne color coatings in 1980. A proven leader in developing pre-matched ready to spray water-based colors. Product line also includes repair compounds and fillers for leather, vinyl, cloth and carpet.

The water-based coatings are incorporated as binders in formulations that modify the surface of substrates, adding value and improved performance. Characteristics including strength, durability, flexibility, original feel and ease of use.

Address: 1226 Calle Sonia, Fallbrook, CA 92028 (980) 269-8024

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