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95FA - Flex Primer/Additive/Sealer

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Code: 95FA

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32 oz - qt $58.80
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DESCRIPTION: A very soft, extremely flexible durable blend of urethanes. Use on automotive and furniture leather or other applications where additional flex is needed or as a straight primer before colorcoat.

FEATURES: The most flexible coating we offer - Add to topcoat clear base or basecoat color for more flex - Use as a spray-on primer coat for better flex and adhesion - When used by itself, dries slightly tacky until cured (8 hours). Add slip additive to eliminate tack, or spray topcoat clear - Resistance to plasticizer migration in repair compounds - Medium viscosity - Solvent Resistant.

APPLICATIONS: Use straight as a spray or wipe-on primer for leather furniture or automotive leather - Add up to 50% to basecoat color or topcoat clear for added flexibility - Control gloss with flat ayd or Dulling Agent - Air dry or low heat dry - Apply by spray or wipe on application.

ADDITIVES (as needed): Dulling Agent (38) - Flat Ayd (35) - Crosslinker (SL7) - SLIP Additive.