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King Ranch Color Dye Kit #1
Price: $56.95

Select King Ranch Color '00-'08 AN-708 Castano Brown 05-08 (aniline) ; AN-709 Dk. Tan 00-08 (aniline) ; AN-710 Med. Dk. Tan (aniline) (faded color)
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1 - 8 oz. #TC Triclean Prep Cleaner 
1 - 8 oz. King Ranch Aniline Color (AN708, AN709 or AN710) 
1 - 1/4 oz. #SL7 Super Link Crosslinker

DESCRIPTION: A water-borne penetrating dye for coloring King Ranch aniline leather. Easily colors the front two seats. For the back seats, add another 8 oz. of color.

FEATURES: Easy to apply. Original look & feel. 

Remove stains as much as possible. Spray a wet coat with (TC) Triclean Prep Cleaner over the entire area. Use a soft nylon brush to lightly scrub clean. Blot dry with a clean lint free towel or paper towel. Allow to dry completely. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. 
Check the leathers ability for penetration by placing a drop of water on several areas. Wait for minute, if the water leaves a dark circle, then the leather will accept aniline dye. If the water beads up with no dark circle, a second or third cleaning is required. 
After the third cleaning and the water still beads up with no dark circle, lightly sand the leather with #600 sandpaper. This will help to break the surface coating and allow penetration. Clean again with #TC - triclean prep cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel. 

APPLICATION: Aniline leather finish (unprotected).

Colors: AN-708, AN-709, AN-710 
1) Check color match. Mix crosslinker #SL-7 (1/4oz per 8oz of color) into the aniline dye color, helps to set the dye, (**ALWAYS ADD**). 

2) Apply a light coat of the aniline dye color by spray, wipe on or brush on method. 
3) Allow to dry. A hair dryer may be used to speed drying. 
4) Apply additional coats as needed, allowing each coat of color to dry to touch. 
5) To slightly increase the gloss, apply a top coat clear of #AN - aniline clear mixed with crosslinker #SL-7 (1/4oz per 8oz of clear)

ADDITIVES: Always add #SL-7 super crosslinker. Makes the color permanent.

CLEANING: #TC - Triclean prep cleaner

TOPCOAT CLEAR: #AN - aniline clear (always add #SL-7 crosslinker)


Castano Brown
Med. Dk. Tan
Dk. Tan