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Mercedes Benz
Price: $0.00

Select Size 8 oz - $21.00; 16 oz - $29.40; quart - $52.50; gallon - $136.50; aerosol - $21.00
Carpet Color CD331 Camel ; CD359 Java ; CD625 Maroon ; CD767 Lt. Ash ; CD831 Champigon ; CD5002 Blue ; CD5004 Anthracite Black ; CD5008 Dk. Brown ; CD5010 Gray ; CD5011 Crème ; CD5012 Grey Beige ; CD5013 Palamino ; CD5014 Middle Red ; CD5015 Lt. Champagne ; CD5017 Champignon ; CD5088 Dk. Blue ; CD5730 Charcoal ; CD9080 Bamboo ; CD33862 Ash Grey
DESCRIPTION: Pre-matched water base permanent Carpet Colors ready for easy application.

FEATURES: Non-flammable. Quick Drying.
Water Clean up.
Excellent adhesion on carpet or fabric.
Dries in minutes. Handling of finished product within minutes of applying final coat.
Use low heat to speed up drying.
Colors can be easily adjusted with tinting pigments or CD toners.
Performance is superior to solvent base coatings.

APPLICATION: Clean area with triclean prep cleaner #TC. Shake or stir color, check color match by spraying a small amount and allow to dry. Spray or wipe on medium coats of color, allow to dry between each coat.

ADDITIVES: Crosslinker(SL7), Tinting Pigments, SLIP Additive, Carpet matched pigments.

Mercedes Benz Carpet Colors:

CD331, CD359, CD625, CD767, CD831, CD5002, CD5004, CD5008, CD5010, CD5011, CD5012, CD5013, CD5014, CD5015, CD5017, CD5088, CD5730, CD9080, CD33862