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Subaru Interior Colors
Price: $0.00

Select Size 8 oz.- $21.00; 16 oz.- pint $29.40; qt - 32 oz. $52.50; gal - 128 oz. $136.50; aerosol $21.00; RCK liquid color kit - 8oz $36.24; RCK aerosol color kit $36.24; RKL liquid repair kit - 8oz $56.95; RKA aerosol repair kit $56.95
Color 206 Taupe ; 534 Black ; 3722 Black ; 7027 Beige ; 7363 Platinum Grey ; 7441 Desert Beige ; 7823 Ivory ; 8046 Java Brown ; IN63 Slate Grey ; M81 Red ; M488 Saddle Brown

How to video: brush on application

How to video: aerosol application


Subaru leather & vinyl dye colors are matched to the OEM color name. Find colors by year, make & model. Easily restore & repair the original color for DIY application.



  • Non-flammable. Quick Drying. 
  • Water Clean-up.
  • Excellent adhesion to leather, vinyl or plastic. (on plastic use PC primer first)
  • Dries in minutes. Handling of finished product within minutes of applying final coat.
  • Use low heat (hair dryer) to speed up drying.
  • Colors can be easily adjusted with tinting pigments or PM toners.


Kit Contents

Liquid Color Kit (RCK) includes: Water-base Color 8oz, Triclean Prep Cleaner 8oz, Foam Brush 

Aerosol Color Kit (RCK) includes: Aerosol Water-base Color 12oz, Triclean Prep Cleaner 8oz

Liquid Color Repair Kit (RKL) includes: Water-base Color 8oz, Triclean Prep Cleaner 8oz, Sandpaper 600#, Foam Brush, Sub-patch Material, Repair Compound Putty 1oz, Repair Adhesive 1oz, Spatula

Aerosol Repair Kit (RKA) includes: Aerosol Water-base Color 12oz, Triclean Prep Cleaner 8oz, Sandpaper 600#, Sub-patch Material, Repair Compound Putty 1oz, Repair Adhesive 1oz, Spatula 



Clean area with Triclean Prep Cleaner (TC). Use a scrub brush, scotch brite pad or wet sand with triclean and sandpaper. Shake or stir color, to check color match, apply a small amount and allow to dry.

Spray or brush light coats of color, allow to dry to touch between each coat. Use a hair dryer to speed drying time. For added durability, add Super Link 7 Crosslinker (SL7) to the color coat and topcoat clear.

Consult the "How to Manuals" for additional instruction. 


Additives (if needed) may be added to the dye color for additional control of gloss, feel, durability (crosslink), flexibility & color adjustment.

  • Dulling Agent (38)
  • Flat-Ayd (35)
  • Crosslinker (SL7)
  • Tinting Pigments
  • SLIP Additive
  • Flex Additive (95FA)
  • Auto-match pigments

Subaru colors

206 Taupe, 534 Black, 3722 Black, 7027 Beige, 7363 Platinum Grey, 7441 Desert Beige, 7823 Ivory, 8046 Java Brown, IN63 Slate Grey, M81 Red, M488 Saddle Brown


Color Kit:
8oz. color
sponge brush
8oz. Triclean prep cleaner
Aerosol Color Kit:
Aerosol Color
8oz. Triclean prep cleaner