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C1500 Series - Toners & Colors
Price: $0.00

Select Size aerosol - $21.00; 8 oz (bottle) - $21.00; 16 oz (bottle) - $29.40; quart - $52.50; gallon - $136.50
Toner or Color C1302 Low Luster ; C1501 Landau Black ; C1508 Silver ; C1550 Red Oxide ; C1551 Fast Yellow ; C1552 Fast Red ; C1553 Fast Blue ; C1554 White ; C1556 Fast Green ; C1559 Yellow Oxide ; ____Select Color____ ; C1503 Saddle Tan ; C1504 Shadow Blue ; C1506 Burgundy ; C1509 Lt. Buckskin ; C1510 Super White ; C1511 Firethorn Red ; C1518 Warm Grey ; C1524 Satin Black ; C1527 Napa Red ; C1528 Pescadero Sand ; C1530 Graphite ; C1572 Monterey ; C3918 Med. Grey
DESCRIPTION: A unique color matching system utilizing auto interior trim codes ( if found).

FEATURES: Match over 1,000 interior trim codes using 10 primary colors. Use SEM formulation guide to assist in color matching. Formulas use gram scale for mixing.

APPLICATIONS: Match color, then spray. Easily adjust color for fading and color differences.

ADDITIVES: SLIP Additive, Flex additive, Crosslinker, Flat Ayd or Dulling Agent

C1302 Low Luster, C1501 Landau Black, C1508 Silver, C1550 Red Oxide, C1551 Fast Yellow, C1552 Fast Red, C1553 Fast Blue, C1554 White, C1556 Fast Green, C1559 Yellow Oxide