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Basecoat Colors
Price: $0.00

Select Size aerosol - $19.40; 8 oz (bottle) - $21.00; 16 oz (bottle) - $29.40; quart - $52.50; gallon - $136.50
Basecoat Color 312 Beige ; 411 Med. Gray ; 421 Light Grey ; 441 Dk. Gray ; 511 Dk. Blue ; 680 Tan ; 0710 Red ; 720 Maroon ; 814 Dk. Brown ; 860 Taupe ; 910 Green ; 1001 Bone White
DESCRIPTION: Pre-mixed combination of tinting pigments (primary colors) formulated in Clear Base.

FEATURES: Non-flammable. Quick Drying. Water Clean up. Excellent adhesion on vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric and carpet. Permanent coating. Dries in minutes. Handling of finished product within minutes of applying final coat. Heat gun may be used to speed drying. Colors can be easily adjusted with tinting pigments. Performance is equivalent and often superior (ex. leather) to solvent base coatings.

APPLICATIONS: Ready to spray color coat . Shake or stir, color match then apply to vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric or carpet.

ADDITIVES: Flat Ayd or Dulling Agent, Crosslinker, Tinting Pigments, SLIP Additive, Flex Additive, Automatch pigments

312 Beige, 411 Med. Gray, 421 Light Grey, 431 Smoke, 441 Dk. Gray, 511 Dk. Blue, 521 Blue, 551 Light Blue,  561 Med. Blue, 570 Aqua Blue, 601 Buckskin, 611 Palomino, 621 Saddle, 680 Tan, 701 Vintage Red, 720 Maroon, 810 Cordovan Brown, 814 Dk. Brown, 850 Brown, 860 Taupe, 910 Green, 1001 Bone White, C1500 Phantom White, C1503 Saddle Tan, C1504 Shadow Blue, C1506 Burgundy, C1509 Lt. Buckskin, C1510 Super White, C1511 Firethorn Red, C1513 Wedgewood Blue, C1514  Sandstone, C1516 Presidio, C1517 Camel, C1518 Warm Grey, C1539  Med. Gray, C1522  Castella, C1524 Satin Black, C1527 Napa Red, C1528  Pescadero Sand, C1530  Graphite, C1531 White, C1532  Palomino, C1535 Lt. Titanium, C1536 Portola Red, C1539 Med. Gray, C1541 Thomas Bus Gray, C1547 Thomas Green, C1548 Bluebird Brown, C1549  Bluebird Green, C1562  Portsmouth Gray, C1567 Sequoia, C1572 Monterey, C1576 Storm Grey, C1578 Dk. Oak, C1733 Lt. Charcoal, C3916 Med. Smoke, C3918  Med. Grey, C3925 Med Titanium Metallic, C4121 Dk. Tan