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HD - Heavy Duty Leather/Vinyl Repair Compound

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4 oz.$21.00
16 oz.- pint$60.90
32 oz.- qt$96.60
128 oz.- gal$250.00
DESCRIPTION: A heavy duty heat cure repair compound for leather and vinyl.

FEATURES: Excellent adhesion, flexibility and durability on leather & vinyl. Sandable. Thick viscosity compound. Will not shrink. Excellent shelf life.

APPLICATION: Spread a medium coat of repair compound.  Use heat gun or iron to cure. Will cure at low, medium or high heat. Sanding can be done immediately after curing (400#). For graining, apply a thin layer of VRC-1, BD, LRC or LVC. Heat and press in grain. A spray-on-grain can also be used.

TIP: After applying compound, place a drop of T-12 compound thinner on palette knife and spread over entire area. Now smooth out edges and lines. Heat to cure.

ADDITIVES (as needed): T-12 Compound Thinner

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