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Classic Dye Products Inc. pioneered the distribution of water-based dyes and water-bourne color coatings in 1980. A proven leader in developing pre-matched ready to spray water-based colors. Product line also includes repair compounds and fillers for leather, vinyl, cloth and carpet.


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email: classdye@pacbell.net

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Experienced industry experts


Classic Dye Products business activities comprise of the development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals such as ready to apply coatings, which enable our customers, to create an attractive finish.


Our industry experts are serving customers in their daily business; we understand your thinking, needs and every day-challenges. Our deep knowledge in application technology allows us to add value to the final process.


We are proud on our customer service that provides excellent advice to the refinishing market making the life of our customers a little easier – day by day.


Great chemicals. Excellent advice. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. 


With our ideas we look outside the box


Classic Dye Products provides innovative approaches for every step of the repair & refinishing process. Based on our understanding of the chemistry of coatings, we are able to develop best in class solutions for our customers daily life. We are committed to excellence and make products we can be proud of, from the best raw materials available. 


Buying at Classic Dye Products, means to be one step ahead of the competition. 

We provide a full range of dyes, coatings, pigments and repair products that enable our customers to give enhanced color effects regarding fastness, migration and visual effects like brilliancy. We are offering a wide range of standard colors as well as furniture, automotive & carpet pre-matched colors that are ready to apply.


Classic Dye Products continues to develop great chemicals in our Research & Development department. 

Our finishing and coating solutions contribute to the value of the leather, vinyl & carpet in terms of upgrading, protection from stains and scratches, final touch and offer a high durability that is prolonging the life cycle of the product. 


Working hand in hand with our customers


Our customers inspire us to generate new ideas and help us to develop products that even exceed their expectations. The close collaboration with our business partners is one of the cornerstones of our successful business. We listen carefully to their requirements. And our deep knowledge of application technology enables us to develop the right technical solution for their everyday challenges.


Our business partners are a source of inspiration and together with them we bring innovations to reality. In that way we are creating unexpected business opportunities for our customers and for other partners in the supply chain.


We care about the environment


Our vision is to provide the end consumer a beautiful and sustainable color finish with a lasting product life cycle. We would like that the consumer is able to enjoy his product with peace of mind knowing that everyone in the supply chain is doing its utmost for a safe and environmentally compatible manufacturing process.


Today’s innovation goes hand in hand with environmentally-friendly product developments. An ecologically compatible product portfolio and sustainable production processes are not a question of image. They are of vital concern for the future of our industry. It is our responsibility to operate in a way that is compatible with the best ecological and environmental practices. 


Environmentally friendly products and production processes are not a question of image. They are vital for the future of our industry. It is ours and our customers’ responsibility to operate in a manner that is compatible with the best ecological and environmental practices. Taking these factors into consideration is a focus of Classic Dye Products developments in the field of application processes, chemicals and dyes.


We consider it a high priority to push measures for a more sustainable end product and production in order to offer the end consumer the security to buy a valuable, non-hazardous and ecologically sound product.