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LSF - Leather Soft Fill
Price: $0.00

Select Size 4 oz. $21.00; 16 oz.- pint $58.80; 32 oz.- qt $84.00; 128 oz.- gal $205.01
DESCRIPTION: A water-borne urethane topcoat filler for creased or cracked leather.

FEATURES: Exceptional adhesion to leather - Outstanding flexibility and durability - Spreads and feathers out extremely well - Natural look and feel - Sandable with 600#.

APPLICATIONS: Use on a small area or entire seat - Low heat to speed drying - May be applied over or under basecoat color coating - Use over deep leather fill (DF11), leather fix fill (LFF) or leather bond adhesive (LA1) to finish repair. Spray a light coat of aerosol flex primer (AFP) or flex primer (95FA) over the repair before coloring.