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PM Toners

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8 oz.$21.00
16 oz.- pint$29.40
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128 oz.- gal$136.50

DESCRIPTION: Pre-mixed combination of tinting pigments (primary colors) formulated in Clear Base.

FEATURES: Non-flammable. Quick Drying. Water Clean up. Excellent adhesion on vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric and carpet. Permanent coating. Dries in minutes. Handling of finished product within minutes of applying final coat. Heat gun may be used to speed drying. Colors can be easily adjusted with tinting pigments. Performance is equivalent and often superior (ex. leather) to solvent base coatings.

APPLICATIONS: Ready to spray color coat . Shake or stir, color match then apply to vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric or carpet.

ADDITIVES: Flat Ayd or Dulling Agent, Crosslinker, Tinting Pigments, SLIP Additive, Flex Additive, Automatch pigments

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