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Clear Bases

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Clear Base:
DESCRIPTION: A lightfast specialty leather clear color coating. This unique water based urethane blend offers tough, durable, natural look and feel, flexible coatings for leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpets.

FEATURES: Outstanding abrasion properties and flexibility - Excellent feel (compares with OEM) - UV Resistance - Chemical Resistance - Water Clean Up -  Easy to use, one step color coating.

APPLICATIONS: As a basecoat color with the incorporation of approximately 10-20% pigment color - As a clear topcoat for added durability - Control gloss with Flat Ayd or Dulling agent - Air dry or low heat dry - Apply by spray or wipe on methods.

ADDITIVES (as needed): (38) Dulling Agent - (35) Flat Ayd - (SL-7) Crosslinker - Auto Matched Pigments - Tinting Pigments - SLIP Additive.

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